Now we're into winter, the seed sowing certainly slows down, but it doesn't have to stop altogether. Luckily for you, we've done the hard work for you and worked out what you can still plant.

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What to plant in November

What to sow outdoors in November

  1. Broad Beans

    Aquadulce Claudia

    This early-cropping favourite is ready to be sown into the ground right now and will be producing heavy crops by May.

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  2. Peas


    With its excellent winter hardiness, a late sowing now should mean a nice early crop in the spring. A good heavy cropper too.

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What to plant outdoors in November

  1. Asparagus

    Pacific 2000

    Pacific 2000 is an award-winning variety renowned for its excellent flavour and heavy yields with up to 25 spears per plant every year.

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  2. Elephant Garlic

    Great-Headed Garlic

    Elephant Garlic produces colossal bulbs over 4 inches across. The jumbo cloves within have a milder taste and are perfect for roasting.

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  3. Garlic

    Albigensian Wight

    This is a popular variety of garlic as it grows to generous proportions and its excellent keeping qualities, storing well into the new year.

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  4. Mushrooms

    White Cap Button

    Mushrooms are grown from spawns rather than seed, but it is available all year round and is surprisingly simple to grow.

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What to plant indoors in November

  1. Rocket

    Cultivated Rocket

    If sown in pots on sunny windowsills, you can have fresh rocket leaves all year round.

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  2. Salad Leaves

    Speedy Mix

    You can grow salad leaves all year round if sown indoors, and with this quick-growing mixture, your salad can be ready in just 25 days.

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