Well, that was summer. On to spring… We've chosen some special late-sowing varieties that'll tolerate the current temperatures, and also found the best frost-hardy varieties to slowly grow over winter.

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What to plant in September

What to sow outdoors in September

  1. Broad Beans

    Aquadulce Claudia

    This early-cropping favourite is ready to be sown into the ground right now and will be producing heavy crops by May.

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  2. Broccoli


    This popular variety of broccoli is perfect for overwintering and produces smooth, dense heads ready to harvest in early spring.

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  3. Carrots

    Autumn King

    This award-winning favourite can be grown both as a maincrop or as a late variety. Autumn King gives a reliable crop of large carrots which store well.

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  4. Lettuce

    Arctic King

    As the name suggests, this variety has exceptional cold resistance and is specifically bred to be sown this late. Grows a large, light green, tasty lettuce.

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  5. Salad Leaves

    Speedy Mix

    This great mixture of quick-growing salad seeds give you a great variety of texture, colours and flavours that will be ready just 25 days after sowing.

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  6. Spinach


    Galaxy is a baby-leafed spinach which is hardy and fully mildew resistant. This means it can be sown this late in the year and continue to provide a healthy crop.

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  7. Spring Onion

    White Lisbon

    Always a favourite, this quick-growing salad onion can be sown regularly for continuous cropping all the way through spring, summer and autumn.

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  8. Turnip

    Manchester Market

    Although it's late in the year, you can still plant this tender heritage variety - its root might be a touch smaller than earlier in the year but you'll get a great bunch of greens with it.

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What to plant outdoors in September

  1. Elephant Garlic

    Great-Headed Garlic

    Elephant Garlic produces colossal bulbs over 4 inches across. The jumbo cloves within have a milder taste and are perfect for roasting.

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  2. Garlic

    Albigensian Wight

    This is a popular variety of garlic as it grows to generous proportions and its excellent keeping qualities, storing well into the new year.

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  3. Japanese Onions


    These overwintering onions can be planted now ready to dig up by early July. They produce a good crop of semi-globe shaped bulbs

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  4. Mushrooms

    White Cap Button

    Mushrooms are grown from spawns rather than seed, but it is available all year round and is surprisingly simple to grow.

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  5. Radish

    Rainbow Mixed

    These tasty and attractive ball-shaped radishes grow in a variety of colours - red, white, purple, gold or white and red. They can be eaten in just 28 days.

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  6. Red Onions


    Electric is an overwintering variety which produces big, round, shiny red-skinned onions with crisp, pink flesh. Ready by early spring.

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What to plant indoors in September

  1. Cabbage (Summer)


    A fast growing variety that is also nice and compact. For an early summer crop, sow seeds under glass now and transplant them in early spring.

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