Finally, winter is coming to a close, but it's still pretty chilly out there so there's only so much you can plant outside. There are however plenty of things you can get started indoors now, so we've listed all the best varieties of vegetables that you can plant today.

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What to plant in February

What to sow outdoors in February

  1. Broad Beans

    Masterpiece Green Longpod

    This very popular variety grows well in most conditions and is ready to be planted outside now, under cloches. It produces large, long pods with 7 beans inside.

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  2. Broccoli


    This popular variety of broccoli is perfect for early sowings and produces smooth, dense heads ready to harvest in as little as 60 days from transplanting.

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  3. Carrots


    This popular variety is renowned for its great flavour along with its long, thick roots that store well into autumn and winter.

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  4. Cauliflower

    All Year Round

    'All Year Round' is one of the easiest varieties of cauliflower to grow and produces great big heads. Can also be grown over winter in a coldframe.

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What to plant outdoors in February

  1. Elephant Garlic

    Spring Planting

    Elephant garlic is a giant variety of garlic which produces bulbs around 10cm in diameter with a mild garlic taste. These spring planting bulbs are ready now.

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  2. Garlic

    T&M's Choice

    While garlic is traditionally planted in the autumn, these spring-planting bulbs are ready to go in the ground now and will be ready by July onwards.

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  3. Jerusalem Artichoke


    This easy to grow crop grows almost anywhere and require very little maintenance. Their wonderful smoky flavour adds a delicious dimension to casseroles or stews.

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  4. Mushrooms

    White Cap Button

    Mushrooms are grown from spawns rather than seed, but it is available all year round and is surprisingly simple to grow.

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  5. Onions


    This award-winning variety reliably produces decent sized bulbs that store well. It is a spring planting variety that can be planted now.

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  6. Shallot

    French Longor

    One of the first shallots ready to plant, this award-winning long-bulbed shallot is full of flavour and stores excellently.

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What to plant indoors in February

  1. Artichoke

    Green Globe Improved

    This hardy variety of artichoke produces consistently large, heavy globe-shaped heads with a superb taste and looks beautiful in any vegetable patch.

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  2. Aubergine


    Sown under heated glass, you can make an early start on your Aubergines with this authentic Italian variety - Viserba.

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  3. Brussel Sprouts


    'Bitesize', as the name suggests, produce small and firm sweet-tasting sprouts which are well spaced on the stem for easy picking.

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  4. Cabbage (Summer)


    For an early crop of this this excellent tasting summer cabbage sow your seeds now under glass or in a heated propagator.

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  5. Cabbage (Winter)


    You're best off starting off these winter cabbage in a cold frame before transplanting them to a sunny site in early summer.

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  6. Celeriac


    Celeriac is a kind of celery grown as a root vegetable for its large bulbous root rather than its leaf and stems. It's ready to sow now.

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  7. Chillis


    This is an attractive plant with an abundance of bright, upright chillis which will look great on your windowsill or a sunny patio.

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  8. Leeks

    Cairngorm F1

    This early-autumn maturing leek can be grown in individual pots to develop great big thick stems of prize-winning quality.

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  9. Onions

    Bunton's Showstopper

    Now's the time to start your onions off indoors so they've time to develop to decent proportions. Bunton's Showstopper onions grow up to 5lbs.

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  10. Peppers

    Peperone Rubens

    These long, sweet peppers can be sown now indoors to grow under glass and then moved outdoors once danger of frost has passed.

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  11. Radish

    Rainbow Mixed

    These tasty and attractive ball-shaped radishes grow in a variety of colours - red, white, purple, gold or white and red. They can be eaten in just 28 days.

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  12. Rocket

    Cultivated Rocket

    If sown in pots on sunny windowsills, you can have fresh rocket leaves all year round.

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  13. Salad Leaves

    Speedy Mix

    You can grow salad leaves all year round if sown indoors, and with this quick-growing mixture, your salad can be ready in just 25 days.

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  14. Tomato


    Moneymakers are well known as a versatile variety that produce consistent smooth, medium-sized fruit with exceptional flavour all summer long.

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