Summer is here! YAY! Things are growing thick and fast in the veggie patch but there's still plenty you can sow: late varieties, autumn/winter veg and plenty of fast-growing summer veg - and we've picked all the best of these for you.

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What to plant in June

What to sow outdoors in June

  1. Beetroot


    As the name suggest, this classic beetroot is bread for its resistance to bolting even if you sow it nice and early. Grows nice and round deep red roots.

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  2. Broccoli


    This popular variety of broccoli is great for regular sowings so you can harvest from summer to autumn. It also produces edible sideshoots in addition to the main head.

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  3. Butternut Squash


    Waltham is the most popular variety of butternut as it fruits earlier and has the most flesh per squash due to its smaller seed cavity and thicker neck.

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  4. Cabbage (Spring)


    This bolt-resistant cabbage can be sown in early spring for medium sized cabbages and spring greens or later in the season for larger cabbages ready in the summer.

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  5. Cabbage (Summer)


    This reliable summer cabbage is an old favourite amongst gardeners. The fast-growing plant gives an early crop of quite dense pointed hearts.

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  6. Cabbage (Winter)


    This winter hardy savoy variant produces dark green, dense, round heads which - once mature - will remain harvest-ready for months.

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  7. Carrots

    Autumn King

    This award-winning favourite can be grown both as a maincrop or as a late variety. Autumn King gives a reliable crop of large carrots which store well.

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  8. Cauliflower


    Pavillion is the ideal variety to plant at this time of year in order to have top-quality curds ready from late September to the end of October.

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  9. Courgette


    It's now warm enough to sow this variety directly into the soil and you'll soon have generous crops of small, glossy green courgettes.

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  10. Endive


    This mixed selection of authentic Italian endive seeds give a variety of tastes, colours and shapes and are ideal for both summer and autumn cultivation.

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  11. Fennel


    A popular variety of fennel, due to the sheer size and quality of the huge white bulbs which have compact foliage and a good resistance to bolting.

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  12. French Bean


    This popular bean produces huge yields of round, stringless pods bursting with flavour. It can be planted early under cover to get the longest cropping season.

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  13. Kale

    Black Tuscany

    This attractive variety has very dark green leaves which are very hardy. Sow outside now to keep harvesting throughout winter and spring.

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  14. Kohl Rabi


    Kohl Rabi is easy to grow and is ready within 8 weeks of sowing. They're best eaten when they are golf ball-sized but this variety stays succulent and bitter-free as it grows further.

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  15. Lettuce

    All Year Round

    This very hardy lettuce can be sown all the way from early spring to autumn. It gives medium sized heads of lettuce with dense, crisp hearts.

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  16. Pak Choi


    This fast-growing oriental green is ready to harvest as baby leaves in just 30 days or wait 45-70 days for full size heads.

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  17. Parsnip


    It's not too late to plant this parsnip which has good canker resistance and produces uniformly large and long roots with creamy flesh and a sweet flavour.

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  18. Peas


    A very popular pea which is aptly named given their extra long, lightly curved pods. It is well known for having the most peas per pod - up to 12!

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  19. Pumpkin

    Jack of All Trades

    The perfect variety for halloween carving, these pumpkins grow up to 4kgs and have round body with a flat base. Plant them now to be ready for October.

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  20. Purple Sprouting Broccoli

    Summer Purple

    This variety can be sown at regular intervals from March to June in order to have a steady supply of tasty purple spears from July to November.

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  21. Rocket

    Mediterranean Rocket

    At this time of the year, rocket will happily grow outside and will keep on cropping into the winter if the plants are protected with cloches.

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  22. Runner Beans

    White Lady

    White Lady is a very popular runner bean thanks to the heavy crops of delicious, long, stringless beans it produces.

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  23. Salad Leaves

    Speedy Mix

    This great mixture of quick-growing salad seeds give you a great variety of texture, colours and flavours that will be ready just 25 days after sowing.

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  24. Spinach


    An ideal variety for spring sowing due to its high resistance to mildew, this spinach will reliably produce a heavy crop of dark green, curvy leaves.

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  25. Spring Onion

    White Lisbon

    Always a favourite, this quick-growing salad onion can be sown regularly for continuous cropping all the way through spring, summer and autumn.

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  26. Swede


    Plant this variety now to harvest your swede from late autumn through to new year. It's a popular variety thanks to its good flavour and lack of bitterness.

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  27. Swiss Chard

    Five Colour Silverbeet

    A plant as decorative as it is versatile with bright coloured edible stems in yellow, orange, red, green and pink with spinach-like dark green leaves.

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  28. Turnip


    This popular variety is perfect for harvesting as succulent, sweet baby turnips. The leaves can then also steamed as fresh greens.

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What to plant outdoors in June

  1. Mushrooms

    White Cap Button

    Mushrooms are grown from spawns rather than seed, but it is available all year round and is surprisingly simple to grow.

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  2. Radish

    Rainbow Mixed

    These tasty and attractive ball-shaped radishes grow in a variety of colours - red, white, purple, gold or white and red. They can be eaten in just 28 days.

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