Obviously it's still pretty chilly out there, so there's not much you can plant outside for now. So instead, in January we're mostly concentrating on what are the best early varieties which you can start off indoors and move our once it warms up.

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What to plant in January

What to sow outdoors in January

  1. Broad Beans

    Aquadulce Claudia

    This early-cropping favourite is ready to be sown into the ground right now and will be producing heavy crops by May.

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What to plant outdoors in January

  1. Garlic

    T&M's Choice

    While garlic is traditionally planted in the autumn, these spring-planting bulbs are ready to go in the ground now and will be ready by July onwards.

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  2. Mushrooms

    White Cap Button

    Mushrooms are grown from spawns rather than seed, but it is available all year round and is surprisingly simple to grow.

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What to plant indoors in January

  1. Aubergine


    Sown under heated glass, you can make an early start on your Aubergines with this authentic Italian variety - Viserba.

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  2. Chillis

    Fuego Cayenne

    For an early crop of chillis, now is the perfect time to plant these long, hot cayennes which grow up to 6 inches long. Abundant cropper if picked regularly.

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  3. Leeks

    Cairngorm F1

    This early-autumn maturing leek can be grown in individual pots to develop great big thick stems of prize-winning quality.

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  4. Onions

    Bunton's Showstopper

    Now's the time to start your onions off indoors so they've time to develop to decent proportions. Bunton's Showstopper onions grow up to 5lbs.

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  5. Rocket

    Cultivated Rocket

    If sown in pots on sunny windowsills, you can have fresh rocket leaves all year round.

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  6. Salad Leaves

    Speedy Mix

    You can grow salad leaves all year round if sown indoors, and with this quick-growing mixture, your salad can be ready in just 25 days.

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